Een aantal demo-songs van haar verschillende Cd's

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18 wheels and a dozen roses.mp3:

Shutup and drive:

(beluister meer songs op ander systeem)
Cd: Shut up and drive

  • Shut up and Drive
  • Cry on the shoulder of the road
  • Highway robbery
  • 18 wheels and a dozen roses
  • Nothing but the wheel
  • Three Chords and the truth
  • Whatever way
  • Wrong side
  • You can sleep while I drive

Cd: Always Have, Always Will

  • Woman to Woman
  • Don't be Cruel
  • I'am Down to my last cigarette
  • Shame about That
  • These Armes of Mine
  • Whispering Wind
  • Wrong Night

Cd: Spilled Perfume

  • He Drinks Tequilla (duet met Pete Tönjes)
  • Mengapa Tiada Maaf (duet met Harry Versluys)

Cd: Helen Hayes

  • Young Love
  • Wild at Heart

Cd: Tell me I'm Crazy

  • Feeling Kind of Lonely Tonight
  • For Reasons I've Forgotten

Cd: Session in Nashville

  • Heart to Heart Talk (duet met Ted Tönjes)
  • Ever True Evermore

Cd: Silver Bells

  • Silver Bells